Sex and Essence - Somatic Retreat for Men

»Sex and Essence« is an intense somatic (body) retreat for men to release sexual conditioning and to regain access to their own sexual essence and truth. For four days»Sex and Essence« will be a container for concrete body (somatic) explorations. We work with unique combinations of methods such as tantra, modern trauma research (work), breath work, the #ElementsOfEcstacy, contemporary sexual knowledge and news (teachings) about the pelvic floor and embodiment. Four days full of movement and curiosity, power and vulnerability, questioning and exploring instead of performing, full of feeling instead of thinking.

#UntamingTheDragon - Seminar for Men on Guilt, Shame and Bliss

#UntamingTheDragon - Somatic Workshop for Men - On Guilt and Shame and Bliss and how to relate to Women.