The Innocence Of Our Guilt

Consuming hardcore porn is an issue that can be strained with never-ending shame, guilt and self-judgement. Silently we assume, that pornographic images are in their core a problem and it is easy to understand mainstream pornography as misogynist and split off sexuality.

In the research body #TantraOfPorn I develop a radically different and new paradigm to understand pornography. As an unconscious collective attempt to release energetic blockages of this culture that prevent us from celebrating our orgasmic essence and union.

I consider it to be an ineffective attempt, that may cause a lot of confusion and suffering, yet hardcore porn is innately well-intended and driven by deep intuition about a “right direction”. 

The purpose is to read hetero sexual mainstream pornography and to develop a truly responsible and awake perspective on porn – however this might individually look like.

You can also find free content and further information about my research in my podcast YONI ON AIR and on my Youtube-Channel.