Find YOUR Portal Into Sexual Ecstasy!

We all know that the mainstream concepts of sex aren’t right.

The problem is that we don’t know what is right. So we end up reaching for the concepts we already know…
The #ElementsOfEcstasy are a sexual typology which came into being because of my search for my own sexual truth.

Now it has become a model which can facilitate anyone to find sexual self-love. I categorize our individual sexual profiles into four element-types: EARTH, WATER, FIRE and AIR. Based on the qualities of each element I explain what works – and what doesn’t – for each individual sexual type.

For many people this is the first definition of sex they’ve ever heard, that allows them to feel sexually safe and seen. The #ElementsOfEcstasy allow deep relaxation and facilitate an automatic understanding of sexual question marks you may have had until now. They allow an immense widening of definitions and possibilities in the universe of sex, and encourage open and easy communication with partners.

You can also find free content and further information about my research in my podcast YONI ON AIR and on my Youtube-Channel.