Crazy 5G Internet And The Best Resistance Of The World!

For the building of the 5G internet an extend of electro smog beyond measure is tolerated, that is deeply irresponsible and hostile to life.

#ResistanceOfEcstasy explains this obstinacy of the 5G lobby as a longing for a maximum of intensive contact – a vibrating power stream, that is only still possible between real physical creatures (and refrigerators and microwaves are not part of it.)

In other words: The best internet is us – real humans in their real authentic life energy.

What if we launch authentic intensity as #ResistanceOfEcstasy against 5G, to replace – angry and ecstatically at the same time – life hostile technology with our life essence?

#ResistanceOfEcstasy collects podcasts, concrete action on the streets, videos and networks.

Thank you for your interest for this issue!

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