Global Problems As Trauma Symptoms

Our global issues such as climate change, violence, war and abuse are a nightmare for most of us, and we would love to create a better world…

The absurde thing is that we already know what we would need to do in order to save the world. We do know it… but we do not take action. Why not?

Because we are a traumatized species.

Our way of avoiding action is not due to laziness, egoism or a lack of information, but due to trauma. Trauma as the sum of collective and individual wounds that are ingrained in our nervous system.

Modern science in the fields of trauma and healing enables us to transfer individual trauma strategies onto the macro-cosm of mankind itself. As the global nervous system of all of us does not function in other terms than our individual drama… civilization can be read as a story of collective and combined shock- and developmental traumata.

This is, what #ReadingTrauma is about.

#ReadingTrauma describes why we created those global issues we are dealing with and how we can solve them without making the typical mistakes of a traumatized and confused nervous system. My main source for this body of research is the groundbreaking work of Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing, and Stephen Porges, Polyvagal-Theory.

Another genius in terms of life force, Wilhelm Reich, once wrote: »Avoiding essential stuff is the problem of mankind.« – and this chronic avoidance is a crucial trauma symptom. Ignoring those issues of power instead of using them. Asking superficial questions instead of deep ones. And looking for answers we already know instead of looking for the new and unexpected ones.

The day we embody that we avoid and ask and struggle in the way we do not because of stupidity but due to trauma, we will be able to find new – and shockingly effective! – ways ‘to save the world’.

And it will be this very saving that is so much more than survival. It is the breakthrough of love and playfulness in our collective adventure of being human. It is the best way of expressing gratitude – celebrating this incredibly rich and beautiful paradise that we call planet earth.

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