Touching Sacred Wounds

Why do we know so many answers but don’t apply them?

Peter Levine, one of the important trauma researchers of our time writes:
»Trauma is one of the most common and one of the most commonly underestimated causes of human suffering.«

In my work on collective trauma healing I focus on transgenerational and cultural conditioned aspects of traumatization. That sum of conditioning that makes up our “normality”: functioning instead of celebrating, thinking instead of feeling, performance instead of being.

But that’s normal? Right! That’s exactly the problem. Because from the viewpoint of real vitality those factors mean inevitably suffering and the irritation that is characteristic for trauma, of how to end the normal cultural suffering.

So many of our efforts to save our (own) world, entangle us only deeper into the trauma matrix, instead of making it conscious and resolve it intelligently and awake.

Using current cultural examples in my research bodies on ‘collective trauma healing’ I show ways how to remember our living essence leading us into action which actually promotes healing.